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It's Not Just Another Online Program

State-of-art education technology from USA

11 Million+ Children
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It's Not Just Another Online Program

State-of-art education technology from USA

8 Million Children
Adaptive Diagnostics
Personalized Instruction
Multi-media. Engaging
Affordable. Dependable

Use a robust platform to help your child at home

Ongoing local support from LearnEasy247

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i-Ready helps all learners

Struggling Learners

(What’s written below is long text. But for parents of children who are not performing up to expectations, this may be very useful as we explain a systematic and robust approach to eliminating learning gaps.) 

If you believe your child is struggling with Math or Reading, one of your key challenges is to design a program that will rebuild your child’s weaker foundations.

In reality, it is very difficult to determine how far back you need to go. For example, if a child struggles with 3-column addition, it would be logical to test if the child understands 2-column addition and, failing that, one would like to test for single-column addition. Failing even that, one will need to go further back in Math and check if this student understands place value. This may sound a lot easier than it actually is given that Math is learnt across four key domains (Algebra, Numbers & Operations, Geometry, Measurement) and a student who struggles in Math will need to best tested in this manner (i.e. adaptively) to determine his/her starting point for rebuilding across each of the four domains in Math for a comprehensive and programmatic approach. For Reading, the challenge to reinforce foundational skills is greater since Reading is learnt across 6 domains.

i-Ready’s technology makes it possible to test a student adaptively and comprehensively across all domains in a reasonable amount of time (i.e without subjecting a child through hours and hours of testing). i-Ready’s diagnostic is designed for this purpose and usually, within an hour, it is able to complete this task.

You must address fundamental issues in Math and/or Reading as early as possible in your child’s schooling: gaps in learning only grow wider over time and the challenge become bigger with higher grade levels and the point of no return is reached when a child develops complete apathy towards the subject. Statements like “I hate Math”, “I never get Math”, “I hate Reading” etc. are sign that your child is reaching these levels.

There can be no doubt that numeracy (Math) and literacy (Reading) are the two most critical skills for success in higher grades in school, college, and work life. In the 21st century, no parent should let his/her child give up on Math and/or Reading.

Start with i-Ready’s First Diagnostic and find out where your child’s current level is. This is the first step you need to take if you wish your child to advance to grade level or beyond.

On-Grade Level Learners

i-Ready’s First Diagnostic will determine your child’s current proficiency level across each sub-domain of Math (e.g. algebra) or Reading (e.g. comprehension). This will be the starting point.

From here onwards, i-Ready will automatically select and sequence multimedia lessons and quizzes to grow your child’s learning and proficiency.

Follow-up Diagnostics, usually taken after every 40 hours of learning, demonstrate learning growht and success.

Academically Advanced Learners

These children need more challenge to advance further and i-Ready will do that.

If your child is an advance or gifted learner, this means he/she is probably ahead of his/her grade level. But how far above grade level is your child and, more fundamentally, where should you start a programmatic approach for such a child is the key task. 

i-Ready’s First Diagnostic will accomplish the task of determining your child’s current level and set the starting point for accelerated learning to ensure your child will continue to develop comprehensively across all domains of Math and/or Reading. 

You can then rest assured that your child’s continued growth is structured, comprehensive, and monitored.

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