Frequently Asked Questions

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About LearnEasy247

What is LearnEasy247?

LearnEasy247 empowers parents to provide personalized supplementary academic support to their children.

We use a next generation learning  program, i-Ready, and provide additional support and services that enable robust and engaging learning environment at home. 

At this time, we offer Math and Reading programs for children from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Who is it for?

Because our platofrm is able to personalize learning for each child, it is designed to help children of all levels:

 a) Struggling learners who may be behind grade level,

b) On-level learners who need supplementary resources to reinforce learning

c) Advance learners who wish to go beyond grade level and need more challenge within a structured enrichment framework.

What grade levels are supported?

At this time, we offer Math and Reading programs for children from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Is the program aligned with any curriculum?

i-Ready is a skill-development program and reinforces critical numeracy and literary skills that are generally same across all curricula. 

Does it work for children who are non-native speakers of English?

The program is designed with English learners in mind. 

The program leverages research-based best practice guidance from researchers and frameworks from organizations such as the Council of the Great City Schools, the English Learners Success Forum, and others to identify criteria that better support English learners.

How is LE247 different from other supplementary programs?

We are differentiated because we not only offer cutting-edge programs that are industry leaders but we also offer ongoing support, reporting and recommendations. Our core belief is that if a parent is equipped with the right tools and support, there is no reason why the child’s learning cannot continue effectively at home. In situations where remote learning is the best option, parents should not have to compromise on their family’s well-being. We strive to empower parents like no one else.

How does LearnEasy247 work?

Getting started

Please start by choosing a PLAN for Math, Reading or both. 

You will receive an email confirmation and further details to complete the first online diagnostic at home. 

Please note that in order to get accurate data, it is crucial that the child is not helped with answers durin gthe diagnostic. 


Completing first adaptive diagnostic


The adaptive diagnostic is designed to determine your child’s current level of understanding in the selected subject (Math or Reading).

Please select Features from main menu to read more about this feature. 


After the diagnostic is completed, your child is ready to start learning from our engaging multimedia program, i-Ready.

Every lesson has a complete set of instruction, activities and a quiz at the end to measure the child’s learning of the topic.

Using artificial intelligence, i-Ready determines the sequence of lessons across multiple domains of Math and Reading. Parents do not have to worry about what is to be taught next or how!

Parents are able to track progress from the online dashboard and also receive regular reports from LearnEasy247 support team.

Pleaes choose Features from the main menu to learn more about this feature. 

Measuring success

After sufficient time (usually 40 hours of learning), a follow-on diagnostic is administered which will establish your child’s learning growth.

Pleaes choose Features from the main menu to learn more about this feature.